VisualFEA is an innovative program for finite element analysis, which is an advanced technique to solve and analyze physical problems arising in many fields of science and engineering.

VisualFEA is a full-fledged software integrated with ease-of-use but powerful functions for pre- and post-processing as well as for finite element processing.

VisualFEA has the greatest advantage in its intuitive and creative user-interface differentiated from any other software of the same kind.

VisualFEA has innovative modeling capabilities such as mesh intersection, mesh operation and mesh carving for fast and sophisticated construction of complicated models.

VisualFEA can perform structural, heat conduction, and seepage analysis either separately or in coupling. VisualFEA has various special elements including embedded bars which facilitate modeling and analysis of complex problems.

VisualFEA has many useful and spectacular functions of postprocessing. The data obtained from finite element analysis are visualized in various forms: contour, isosurface, vector, animation and so on.

VisualFEA has functions for studying finite element analysis. The various computational aspect and concepts involved in finite element modeling can be easily understood through computational simulation.

  VisualFEA Overview
Preprocessing Mesh generation (auto mesh, intersection, operation, carving), assignment, staged model sequence
Postprocessing Contour, graph, diagram, level surface, isosurface, slicing, vector representation, animation
Analysis Structure linear static ( nonlinear, dynamic, sequentially staged )
  Heat conduction ( steady state, transient )
  Seepage ( steady state, transient, confined, unconfined )
  Coupled analysis ( structure and heat conduction, structure and seepage )
Educational ability Computer simulation of finite element process to aid understanding of various concepts including shape functions, element equations, assembly and solution of system equation, stress smoothing,
eigen value analysis, convergence characteristics and so on.
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