Basic Examples
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  2D frame analysis    
  Linear static plane strain analysis    
    Material nonlinear plane strain analysis    
    Dynamic plane strain analysis    
    Linear static 3D solid analysis    
    Heat conduction analysis    
  Transient heat conduction analysis    
  Confind seepage analysis    
  Phreatic surface seepage analysis    
  Transient seepage analysis    
   Geotechnical Examples
  Stress analysis of tunnel lining  
    Analysis of a box culvert subject to ground water presssure  
    2D tunnel excavation analysis with load relaxation  
  Soil structure interaction analysis  
    Seepage flow under a dam with cutoff  
    Analysis of seepage through a dam in operation  
    One dimensional consolidation analysis  
    Consolidation of a foundation  
  Seepage coupled structural analysis of dam  
     Sceen demo Examples
    Terrain mesh  
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